Welcome to our website, “a sweet world”. Thanks a lot for your interest in our company and products. You will have the chance of seeing and purchasing the most delicious food in the world, the grape molasses of Zile, and our other products in our website. We would like to give you some information about the products which are offered by Kocaman Internal and External Trade Limited Company.  If you wish to get more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the telephone number and e-mail adress given under the contact us heading.

 A  brief information about our products:
Özkaleli White Grape Molasses of Zile:
White Grape Molasses of Zile is made of the best grapes grown in our region. It is a 100% natural product which does not include any additives.  Molasses of Zile is an instant source of energy since it diffuses into blood rapidly.  Two table spoons (20 g) of Zile grape molasses contains 2 mg iron,  80 mg calcium and 58 kcal energy. It is a unique nutriment for adolescents, workers, athletes, pregnants and lactating mothers.

Özkaleli Rosehip Marmalade:
Özkaleli Rosehip Marmalade is a 100% natural product which is made of wild rosehips picked by hand and manufactured in our integrated plants. Marmalade is a ready to eat product which can be consumed without boiling. Özkaleli Rosehip Marmalade includes a large amount of vitamin C, a substance which can diffuse into the normal structure of connective tissues such as asteroid tissue and dentin tissue in the human body and balance this structure.

Özkaleli Rosehip Pulp:
During the preparation process of Özkaleli Rosehip Pulp, rosehips are mashed, seeds are thrown away and the pulp extracted is filled into tin pots. Before  consuming the pulp should be boiled for 10-15 minutes by adding the amount of sugar suggested in the instructions, or it can also be consumed without an extra process. (Particularly the diabetes prefer consuming it without adding sugar).

Özkaleli Tomato Paste:
You can use Özkaleli salty tomato paste made of the best tomatoes grown in the region in any dish securely. It is a product suitable for being used in any kind of dish and would add a unique taste. Our tomato paste prepared by using vacuum technology preserves its taste and freshness for two years and is put on the market in 2.5 and 6 kg plastic cans.

Besides the labaratory qualities of the tomatoes used in the preparation of the paste are listed below:

·        Components of Tomato Paste:                 %       

·        Total Amount of Solid Matter                    6-8,5      

·        Insoluble Solid Matter                              1

·        Soluble Solid Matter                                 4-6

·        Sugar                                                      2-3

·        Acid                                                        0-3 -0-5

·        Soluble Protein and Aminoacid                  0,8  - 1,2

·        Mineral                                                    0,3 – 1,2

·        Salt (sodium chloride) NaCL                      0,05 - 01       

Özkaleli Balbaşı Pekmezi:

Özkaleli Balbaşı Molasses made of unfermented grape juice is a brown and delicious type of molasses. It owes its brown colour to not being whitened by mixing with egg white and molasses soil. Being a perfectly natural product, it is  a matchless source of energy especially for adolescents.
Özkaleli Locust Bean Molasses:

Özkaleli locust bean molasses is a natural molasses prepared by processing a plant called locust bean. It tastes delicious and is also a rich source of calcium and energy. Therefore it is perfect for children. Locust bean molasses is also used to cure anemia and upper respiratory tract infections like coughing. The plant of locust bean does not bear fruit for 15 years after being planted. Its fruit is green at first whereas it turns to brown as it matures. The most important characteristic of locust bean is its being effective on the treatment of difficulty in breathing. The active susbstance locust bean contains and effective on breathing easily cannot be found in any other plant.
Benefits of Özkaleli Locust Bean Molasses: 

·        It is rich in calcium (three times more than milk)

·        Due to Vitamin E it contains, it is effective on treating cough, flu, anemia and osteolysis.

·        It is expectorant and relieves heavy chest. The molasses particularly suggested for smokers is quite effective at relieving difficulty in breathing.

·        It is effective at improving digestion and relieving gas-related discomfort.

·        It has positive effects on teeth and gingiva due to its rich content of minerals and vitamins.

·        Owing to its rich sugar, mineral (particularly zinc) and vitamin (A,B,B2,B3,D) content, it is a natural source of energy.

·        Due to its rich sodium and potassium content it is also very effective at preventing high blood pressure and beneficial for liver and lungs.

·        It detoxicates blood.

·        It is also 90% effective at preventing lung cancer, the nightmare of modern people.

·        It is good for the heart and prevents heart-throb.

·        It cleans the human body of radiation.

Özkaleli Mulberry Molasses:

Özkaleli Mulberry Molasses is made of mulberries grown in Eastern Anatolia and a 100% natural product. It does not include any additives. The mulberry molasses which has a unique taste is put on the market in 450 g and 800 g glass bottles and appeals to every taste and age group.
Benefits of Özkaleli mulberry molasses:

·        It is very beneficial for patients suffering from anemia.

·        It is good for stomach, especially ulcer.

·        It is effective at relieving asthma and bronchial diseases.

·        It improves resistance against cold weather.

·        A great source of energy for athletes.

·        It helps babies grow and develop.

·        It is effective on children’s mental development.

Özkaleli Liquid Molasses:

Özkaleli liquid molasses made of the best grapes in our region and the regions such as Mersin,Antalya,Kilis is a perfectly natural source of energy.  Especially on cold winter days it is used for the treatment of respiratory tract infections and anemia. This molasses has been proven to be a very important nutriment for adolescents.
Özkaleli Grape Vinegar:

Grape vinegar is a 100% natural product which is made of the grapes used also for the production of molasses. Our vinegar has its own characteristic flavour and smell. It is offered in 1 lt, 2 lt and 5 lt plastic cans.
Benefits of Özkaleli grape vinegar:

·        For fatigue and sleeplesness it is suggested to drink a glass of vinegared water before sleep.

·        It is a good idea to gargle with vinegared water for the sore throat.

·        To put a piece of bread dipped in vinegar on the callosity or hard skin would soften and cure it.

·        Vapour of boiling vinegared water stops headache, relieves asthma and reduces skin problems.

·        It is put on the sunburnt skin.

·        Adding some honey into a glass of vinegared water and drinking it every day helps weight loss.

We have tried to introduce our products briefly. Sales overseas are whether in cash or by credit card. To get a more detailed information about our sales, send an e-mail to Kocaman Internal and External Trade Limited Company.

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